Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rich Berry "Ice Cream"

Instant "Ice Cream" made in a VitaMix or blender, no ice cream maker required.
Quick, easy, rich, creamy, decadent, delicious, and nutritious too.
3/4 cup Raw Cashews (or other high-fat nuts)
3 oz plain Yogurt (made with half & half or cream is best, or greek or dripped yogurt would be good too . . . 3 oz = 3/8 cup, or 6 Tbsp, or 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp)
3 Tbsp Honey or Maple Syrup
1 oz Coconut Water (or other liquid, more as needed to make it blend . . .  1 oz = 2 Tbsp)
3 Frozen Bananas
3/4 cup Frozen Berries (raspberries are good!)
optional 1/2 oz Dark Chocolate
6 cubes Ice
Place the Cashews (only!) in the blender and blend until smooth
Add the remaining ingredients in the order given
To be SCD legal, use Honey and homemade SCD yogurt, and do NOT add any chocolate.
Start blender on lowest speed and work up to highest speed (don't take long or you'll melt it too much!)
If needed to make it blend, add more Coconut Water 1 Tbsp at a time
Blend just until smooth. It should be the consistency of good soft-serve ice cream
Serve immediately (or prepare shortly before serving and pop into the freezer for a few minutes)
This recipe makes 4 small servings or 2 large servings - it is very rich so a little goes a long way!
If you can have it, it's really worth adding the dark chocolate!
It really whips up easily in my VitaMix, and a !/3 size batch in my Magic Bullet comes out decently; other people make similar "ice cream" in regular blenders, but I do not know whether every blender will give a satisfactory smooth and creamy result.
Today is HOT, which is something we are not accustomed to as hot weather is most unusual here in our ultra-temperate little micro-climate. The grandchildren are at their father's for the weekend, and we three adults needed something to eat but did not want to cook and didn't feel like having much, so I made a batch of this "ice cream" for our dinner and it hit the spot! It's starting to cool off a little now so we're off to have an evening stroll. Perhaps we'll have a light supper later, but this was refreshing and filling enough for us for now. Usually, though, we'd have this "ice cream" for dessert.