Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wood & Leather Floors & Furniture

“Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.”
Hoosier Farmer saying

“American consumers have no problem with carcinogens, but they will not purchase any product, including floor wax, that has fat in it.”
Dave Barry 
My formulas can be used on both finished wood and smooth tanned leather, they are not fat-free, and they are not made with carcinogens (in-fact depending on what essential oils you use you can safely drink them though I don't know why you'd want to and please note that Murphy's Oil Soap is not my formula).

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When Wood and Leather Need Soap

This is how I feel about
tea. And how your floors
will feel about it too.
            & Dusting Spray

Brew a pot of strong black tea (4 - 6 teabags)
Allow to steep until cooled
In a 1 quart / 1 litre spray bottle mix:

3 1/2 cups of the Strong Black Tea
1/2 cup distilled White Vinegar*
10 drops Essential Oil**

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spiced Fruited Gelatin

OOPS!!! I somehow lost the entire bit about putting the GELATIN into this recipe! I've corrected it now. It sort of really needs it.

There was an old lady who swallowed a spider. It wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly, I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
I guess she'll die.

The spider didn't harm the old lady; she didn't die until she swallowed a horse.

Thankfully you don't have to swallow a spider to get some wiggles and jiggles tickling inside your tummies, this gelatin wiggles and jiggles too, and you won't need to follow up by swallowing a bird to catch it either, plus it is much lighter and more refreshing than the old lady's meal of fly spider bird cat dog cow and horse.

It's so easy to make your own real food gelatin, free of strange and artificial flavourings and colourings, flavourful and healthy, with no more work than making it up with that stuff from a packet.  This more involved recipe is for holiday gatherings and such, it looks beautiful when made in a mold and turned out onto a nice plate.

Spiced Fruited Gelatin

2 (12 oz) bags Frozen Mixed Berries or Berries & Cherries, defrosted & drained, juice reserved
1 batch Cranberry Sauce (see here) (may be fresh off the stove or room temperature, not chilled)
1 (20 oz) tin Pineapple Chunks, drained (do something else with the juice, can't it use in this recipe)
2 cups Tart Cherry Juice (or any red or purple juice such as berry, omit or reduce honey to compensate for sweetness)
1/2 cup Frozen Raspberry Juice Concentrate (like Welch's 100% Juice White Grape Raspberry)
2 Tbsp Unflavored Gelatin
1/2 cup Honey (or equal amount of juice to replace any omitted honey)
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
1/8 tsp Cloves
Juice from defrosted Berries (1 cup; if less add juice to make up)

Cranberry Sauce

The constant pi, denoted pi, is a real number defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference C to its diameter d=2r,


It is equal to 3.14159265358...ad infinitum
The Greek letter pi (pi) was chosen as the letter to represent the number because it stands for 'perimeter'.

Pi is infinite, irrational, and transcendental. 

Making your own cranberry sauce is far from infinite or irrational. In-fact it is an eminently simple, quick, and utterly sensible undertaking which rewards one with a cranberry sauce that transcends the store-bought tinned stuff.  So much easier than pi. 

Cranberry Sauce
Tasty SCD style:

1 bag fresh Cranberries (12 oz)
1 cup Honey
1 cup Orange Juice (freshly squeezed for SCD)
If squeezing fresh orange juice, zest the oranges before cutting and juicing them and add the zest in too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


  "Where'd you get the coconut?"
    "We found them."
  "Found them? In Mercia? The coconut's tropical!"
    "What do you mean?"
  "Well, this is a temperate zone"
    "The swallow may fly south with the sun or the house martin or the plover may seek warmer climes in winter, yet these are not strangers to our land?"
  "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"
    "Not at all. They could be carried."
  "What? A swallow carrying a coconut?"
    "It could grip it by the husk!"
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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    Plain Basic Coconut Flour Bread 
The Basics of Variations
A Short Ramble
Some Coconut Flour Bread Variations:
    All Out Coconut "Pound Cake"
    Carmelized Onion
    Cinnamon Apple
    Cinnamon Raisin-Nut
Something Completely Different