Monday, November 26, 2012

Cranberry Sauce

The constant pi, denoted pi, is a real number defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference C to its diameter d=2r,


It is equal to infinitum
The Greek letter pi (pi) was chosen as the letter to represent the number because it stands for 'perimeter'.

Pi is infinite, irrational, and transcendental. 

Making your own cranberry sauce is far from infinite or irrational. In-fact it is an eminently simple, quick, and utterly sensible undertaking which rewards one with a cranberry sauce that transcends the store-bought tinned stuff.  So much easier than pi. 

Cranberry Sauce
Tasty SCD style:

1 bag fresh Cranberries (12 oz)
1 cup Honey
1 cup Orange Juice (freshly squeezed for SCD)
If squeezing fresh orange juice, zest the oranges before cutting and juicing them and add the zest in too.

Basic style:

1 bag fresh Cranberries (12 oz)
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Water

Bung all your ingredients into a saucepan.
Bring to a boil.
Boil for 5 minutes.
Bung into a heatproof bowl.
Bob's your uncle!

Cookie Cutter Challenge Style:
Store bought tinned cranberry sauce challenge to fresh cranberry sauce:
"... but what about cutting the cranberry can loaf into slices and using a cookie cutter so everyone gets a cranberry dinosaur?
"Can your cranberry sauce do that?"
My Response:

1 recipe Cranberry Sauce (see above), freshly made and hot off the stove
 1/2 cup Cranberry Juice
1/4 cup Sugar (or honey)
2 Tbsp Gelatin

Make a batch of cranberry sauce.
In a large-ish bowl, whilst the cranberry sauce is boiling away:
Whisk sugar into the cranberry juice until dissolved.
Sprinkle gelatin into the juice and whisk until gelatin is dissolved.
When the cranberry sauce is done boiling:
Run the fresh hot batch of cranberry sauce through a food mill into the dissolved gelatin mixture, or press it through a sieve with a large wooden spoon, or blend it with an immersion blender then pour it into the gelatin mix.
Stir to thoroughly mix and dissolve the gelatin throughout.
Pour into 2 emptied 15 oz food tins which have been well cleaned (or 2 widemouthed pint jars).
Cover and chill.
Remove from tin, slice, cut with dinosaur cookie cutters (or not), and serve.

Yes, my cranberry sauce can do that.

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