Friday, May 30, 2014

Flavoured Water - Strawberry Basil Lime

Sliced Fresh Ripe Strawberries, Fresh Basil Leaves, Sliced Fresh Lime, Ice if de?sired, Filtered Water (or fizzy water)

Finally I have a device that can take photos...but it's very hard to take pictures with as the camera is rear facing - great if you wish to take "selfless", less so if anything else is your subject. Especially with a tricky neck that no longer does angles, least of all tricky ones, so that all photos must be taken blindly. I had to rest it on the table to get the pitcher in the photo at all, not very happy with this one, just hoping it shows how pretty and delicious the water looks.

This flavoured water is based on a stronger version I had when Hubby and I went out for his birthday, in which strawberries and basil are muddled in a glass, then a little lime is squeezed in, and fizzy water, perhaps a little honey (or sugar), and even a tip of vodka or gin (which I haven't tried) are added to make a lovely tonic. I'm going to try making that too!

We regularly make Mint, Cucumber and Lemon or Lime (or both) flavoured water also pretty, delicious, and refreshing.

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